HTML Blocks

All the HTML block elements can be categorized into two categories  first Block Level Elements second Inline Elements.

Block Level Elements

A block-level elements always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available

<div>     <address>     <article>     <aside>     <blockquote>     <canvas>     <dd>

<dl>    <dt>    <fieldset>     <figcaption>    <figure>    <footer>     <form>      <h1>-<h6>

<header>    <pre>    <p>     <hr />    <ul>      <ol>     <dl>   ......etc

Inline Elements.

The Inline Elements . can appear within sentences and do not have to appear on a new line of their own 

<a>     <b>     <br>     <button>     <code>     <i>     <img>

<script>    <select>    <small>     <span>    <strong>    <var>    ......etc

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