What is a computer ? What are functions of a computer ?

In today’s world computers has become necessity for everyone. It gives an important rich source of information for the people all over the world It has become mandatory for everyone to know about the computers. Through the computers you can see the world. It is an electronic device which accepts the input data. processes the data and finally gives the output in a required format

Functionalities of a computer

Coming to the functionalities of a computer with a very broad sense. any digital computer carries out the following five functions

  1. Takes data as an input
  2. Stores or saves the data/instructions in its memory and uses them as an when required
  3. Processes the data and converts it into useful information
  4. Generates the output
  5. Controls all the above four steps

Advantages of computers

  1. High Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Storage Capability
  4. Diligence
  5. Reliability
  6. Automation
  7. Reduction in Paper Work and Cost

High Speed

Computer is a very fast device with its high speed. It can perform calculations of very large amount of data. The computer has its units of speed calculated in microsecond


The calculations that are performed by the computers are 100% error free Computers perform all jobs with 100% accuracy with the correct input that user has given

Storage Capability

A computer has much more storage capacity than human beings. Computers have much storage capacity in the form of memory It can store large amount of data 


A computer is a very versatile machine and  remains flexible in performing the tasks to be done This machine helps to solve the problems pertaining to different fields


A computer is a reliable machine Modern electronic components or devices have long lives Computers are specially designed to make maintenance easy and error free


Automation is the process of performing a given task automatically. Once the computer receives a program from the user as an input, the program then is stored in the computer memory, gives the instructions the memory and finally results in program execution without human interaction

Reduction in Paper Work and Cost

This is very helpful in organizations where a lot of paper work can be reduced with the use of computers for data processing. This results in speeding up the process
Where the data is stored in the computers, you can retrieve the data as and when required. This reduces the problem of maintenance of large number of paper files
Initially the investment for installing a computer is very high, but it substantially reduces the cost of each of its transaction

Disadvantages of Computers.

A computer is only a machine, it cannot perform tasks on its own. It has artificial intelligence Each and every instruction has to be given by the user to the computer it cannot take any decision on its own

  1. No Intelligence Quotient (I.Q)
  2. Dependency
  3. Environment
  4. No Feeling


Regarding its dependency, it depends totally on human instructions given in the form of input


The environment of the computer where the operations are performed should be dust free and suitable

No Feeling

Computers have no feelings or emotions as it is not human being. It is an electronic device which is used to perform specific tasks

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